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EC public consultations related to transport

In October, the European Commission’s Mobility and Transport Department launched two public consultations, which are important tools for improving the efficiency, transparency and public involvement in EU policies.

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Public consultation on specifications for Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems

Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) means applying Information and Communication Technologies to transport. ITS applications and servic


es can be very diverse, including for instance journey planners, travel information services, intelligent message signs and traffic lights, safety applications and traffic management.

In many respects today's vehicles are already connected devices. However, in the very near future they will also interact with each other and with other devices, and form part of an eco-system of cooperative, connected and automated mobility. This interaction is the domain of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) which will allow road users and traffic managers to share and use information and coordinate their actions. This cooperative element – enabled by digital connectivity – is expected to significantly improve road safety, traffic efficiency and comfort of driving.

The target group of the consultation is primarily transport operators and drivers, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, C-ITS system/service providers, telecom service providers, road operators, road and transport authorities, public administrations and all European citizens.

The online questionnaire is available in most EU languages. Contributions may be submitted in any of the official EU languages.

Consultation deadline: 5 January 2018

More information is available here.

Public consultation survey on electronic documents for freight carriage

The aim of the public consultation is to gather the views and concerns of all interested citizens, organisations and businesses on the use of electronic freight transport documents, in order to inform the Commission's analysis on the following key elements of the impact assessment:

  • reasons why transport documents in electronic format are not as yet more widely used;
  • how big may be the missed potential benefits;
  • possible measures to support the wide use of electronic transport documents among all transport and logistics stakeholders; and
  • expected impacts of these measures.

The consultation is open to all citizens and organisations; however, it can be of particular interest to public authorities in the transport sector, as well as shipping companies, transport and logistics companies, ITS/telecommunication service providers, trade unions, NGOs, researchers and academia.

The online questionnaire is built in a way to allow the non-initiated audience to voice their views. It is accessible in most official EU languages.

Consultation deadline: 18 January 2018

More information is available here.

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Associate members with observer status: Opole Voivodeship
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